3: Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

hm, he’s tall, about 5’11 and he’s got blue eyes with hints of green in them, they’re the kind of eyes you could get lost in. he calls me all the names under the sun, but that’s just the way we were. We will argue and sometimes fight, maybe at parties or in school, he likes to put acid on me in chemistry and make me smell horrible things when we’ve mixed things together. He doesn’t like reading out in class and when he does his finger traces the words whilst his left leg is bobbing up and down. He bits his nails and the skin around his nails until they bleed. And when they do bleed he draws smiley faces with the blood on his hand. He’s not afraid to say whats on his mind in front of me and acts different around me than when he’s with his friends. I could do the stupidest thing ever infront of him and he doesn’t care he’ll just laugh with me. He’s got that laugh that’s infectious, and you just want to make him laugh forever.